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23 April 2013
I have relied on IMDb for years to help me choose movies to rent and download. Never have I seen user reviews so good for a movie so bad. This is a B-movie which shares many qualities with the average low- budget horror flick.

The temporary suffering of a rich white family is graphically overexposed. The viewer is left to wince in pain at every gory detail as the vacationers deal selfishly with the disaster.

Characters are occasionally heroic, but usually stupid, and always end up in ridiculously convenient situations. Almost nothing is learned about the multitudes of real people who were affected by this tragedy.

There is only one scene worth watching... where the husband borrows a cell phone. Even that scene ends in a way that seems phony and smarmy.

This has a 7.6 rating? I can only imagine that many people are sympathetic to the victims of the disaster and refuse to dis on a movie based on that.
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