Review of Boss

Boss (2011–2012)
30 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Few missteps but still solid.

The strongarming was too overdone to be credible especially given the rather flimsy provocation. Should have handled the doctor differently.

Can't believe am typing this but the nudity feels overdone.

Or more accurately it feels mistimed, as if forcibly interjected as a marketing strategy and consequently as jarring as any advertisement.

Kelsey is spellbinding.

The rest of the cast is not overshadowed which is praise in itself.

Unengaging yet riveting.

People too unlikeable to root for but can't wait to see what befalls them next.

The devious manouevring is easy paced instead of being falsely frenetic.

Relief, to not be gagging on obligatory white knight being forced down reluctant throat.

All the characters are blatantly and satisfyingly self serving.

Wish them well.

Thank you.

Outstanding start to second season. Thought Hannah would be taking long showers in prison but thankfully they have kept it classy. Deceptively slow but decidedly riveting. Can barely wait for each new episode.
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