Shoot the DJ (2010)
Just awful
22 December 2011
Please see mrbblee's review. That pretty much says all that I was going to say about Shoot the DJ - a film with less production values than your own homemade VHS videos from the 1990s. And the acting was worse! And the dubbing was even worse than that! Unbelievably bad.

The story centres around two ageing DJs who need to make some money to pay their rent, so one of them conjures up a plan. It might have worked if they'd put a bit of detail and proper care into it. The film had FOUR DIRECTORS!... That right there tells you someone should have stopped and said 'hang on guys, what we're doing here is pish. We need a proper plan here'.

OK bashing over. Good things? Good things?... Ah yes, the music. Very good music. In fact the music might have bumped it up to 2 stars. But no, nothing can salvage this embarrassment of a movie.

Really, I'm amazed at some of the reviews here, however the 1.2 rating is about right. Well done producers, you'll be at number 1 of the bottom 100 any day now!
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