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Boss (2011–2012)
Best Series of 2011!
12 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was born and raised in Chicago and I must say I love this series, Kelsey Grammar should get an Emmy for this because his acting is the best I have seen. I was very interested to see how the series would play out, for the most part it is believable, Chicago/Cook County does run/control the State and the mayor has a great deal of power and influence over what happens or doesn't happen throughout the entire state, no Governor will ever get elected without winning Cook County, that is how it has always been. Politics within the city dealing with alderman and ethnic divisions seems common and it is a high crime city with lots of violence so expect that in the show. I seen a reviewer who said "Mayor Daley can't do a thing without the SunTimes writing about it" well, I would say there is plenty that happens behind the scenes that people outside of city hall don't see or know about. It is a BIG, Powerful machine that can do a lot of things, good and bad.

It is a fictional story and it takes a few liberties but that is called entertainment and this show gives you an hour of pure and intense entertainment! I wouldn't be turned off by those who complain about the show not being PC, it isn't PC nor should it be, this is a raw, in your face political drama that doesn't wash it down with to much male/female love story crap, it is telling a much deeper story than that and it is a MUST SEE!
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