Review of Just Sue Me

Just Sue Me (2000)
The most unfunny and criminally awful attempt on comedy ever
7 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I bought this DVD for 1,5 dollars at my bookstore. I feel like getting my money back, though it's the cheapest film I ever bought!

The best about the film was the writing on the back of the DVD, which sounded as a quite interesting plot. I was wrong, so wrong.

This film is unbelievably unfunny, and bad acted. Nothing is on the spot here. Nothing at all. When seeing a bad movie, there's often something you can note on the positive side. But this is actually the worst movie I've ever seen.

There's not one single sentence in the film which are approximately funny. Not one exciting moment. Not one great shot. All the persons behind this film should be guilty as charged. I'm not at all for death penalty, but for making such a bad film, I'd make an exception.

The film actually had a 15 years PG rating. That must be for youngsters not to commit suicide after using time on this movie.
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