Review of The Talk

The Talk (2010– )
Sharon Osbourne
1 August 2011
First, let me say that we really enjoy the show. The women, each in their own way, compliment each other. From past experiences, it is difficult to find a scenario in real life where a group of females can sit around and talk without some sort of eventual drama. I am only a recent fan, having just found your show (finally) on my cable network at a time slot where I am looking forward to sitting down and watching something with substance, yet entertaining. I have some constructive criticism to pass along from myself and a few friends who also enjoy The Talk. Before I say anymore, let me say I really enjoy Sharon Osbourne and have been a fan for years. Sharon your voice comes across too loud and exaggerated when you do your instructions and announcements. PLEASE tone it down a notch or 2 as we all feel it detracts from your otherwise lovely voice.
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