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Spread (2009)
A sex comedy with plenty of sex, not enough comedy and nowhere near enough smarts
20 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Spread is just basically a film where Ashton Kutcher gets to show-off and gets around to seeing a lot of pretty women fleshed and taking advantage of them. Its a sex comedy with enough sex and not enough comedy nor smarts to deliver. The movie sets its tone in the first few minutes with Ashton (Nikki) reading his first line while walking around. "I don't want to be arrogant, but I'm an incredibly attractive man," he informs by his dry narration – he ingratiates himself into the lives of rich older women to gain access to good clothes, fine food and luxurious living.

The film and its characters were very odd and weird. Nikki was very monotone and did what he wanted. Anne Heche (Samantha) was way generous towards Nikki, and it starts by their introduction. It seemed to fake and unrealistic. The film starts out rough in its first 30 mins then gets slightly better. The first half of the film is more of a sex-com with the adventures that Nikki takes involving Samantha. The 2nd half of the film involves Heather a waitress who Nikki eventually gets and stays with. This half becomes more of a rom-com and this is where the film goes downhill. In the second half, Samantha isn't in the film (except in the last 5 mins). The script and plot were just dumb and not great, the movie just falls apart and the film gets boring. Its a rather different Hollywood film.

Another thing with the film is that Kutcher's performance wasn't all that great and he wasn't really believable as the gigolo. Also the clothes he's showing wearing are pretty silly (colourfull clothes and suspenders) Lastly, the ending was actually pretty weird and depressing, though not much. The audience didn't really care much about him in the first place and the ending showed that. But it still have should ended better. The last few minutes ends with Nikki speaking and picking up a mouse and making his toad eat the mouse. It sets like that for the last 5 minutes until the screen went black, its pretty bizarre. But before that it showed that he didn't end up with neither girl (Heather or Samantha). The film has its moments but not many, and they should have added more comedy. It really isn't a funny film and I don't think it was really trying but the trailers showed it out to be a romantic comedy. The movie was pretty bad and could have been much better.
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