Iron Man 2 (2010)
Disappointing to say the least
2 May 2010
Do you remember how you felt right after having watched 'The Empire Strikes Back'? 'The Return of the Jedi'? 'The Matrix'? Or the first Iron Man movie?

If you are like me, I would guess pretty darn excited -- 'Can't wait to see what happens next'! Now try to remember how you felt after watching 'The Phantom Menace' and 'The Matrix Reloaded' --

Well, after watching two of the biggest travesties in the world of sequels... I felt completely frustrated, angry and cheated!

I won't say I feel the same resentment after having watched Iron Man 2 but it comes pretty darn close.

Iron Man 1? A fantastic movie! Iron Man 2? I want my money back! And my travel expenses!

What is wrong with Iron Man 2? Do you have a couple of hours? script? Really, are these guys serious? They make a movie costing around $150 million dollars and the script SUCKS BIG TIME.

Plot holes anyone? There is NO motivation: you have no idea why you should care about the characters, since the characters themselves don't have a clue what they are supposed to do or feel and why in this story. I'm not saying the actors are bad, they are doing all they can, but they are given a crappy script to work with.

No sense of suspense or danger: despite one hundred of explosions and a couple of thousand stray bullets in crowded areas, NOT ONE PERSON gets killed or wounded in the whole movie! The closest you get to 'wounded' are a couple of bruises. How am I supposed to care for someone when I KNOW he won't get hurt? This is a MAJOR difference from the first Iron Man movie, where the threat was real.

Somebody desperately tried to make Iron Man 2 into a movie for all ages -- well, it worked, in the worst possible way.

This is also why all of the action scenes are boring, since all you see is CGI animated cartoon robots bashing into each other -- sounds a lot like Transformers you say? That's right, but with EVEN LESS human emotion, since no one gets hurt.

It was pretty difficult to mess this up, but they somehow managed to do it.

I've read all the rave reviews -- "action packed!", "entertaining!" "terrific!" Are we talking about the same movie here? Seriously guys, either you have a very low standard or you have never watched a movie that truly deserves those rave reviews, like: The Matrix and the original Star Wars trilogy.

And no, I'm not comparing Iron Man 2 only to 'classic movies'. Even newer movies like Star Trek or Kick-Ass or even Iron Man 1 were ten times better!

Kick-Ass was made for $30 million, instead of $150 like Iron Man 2 and it completely kicks Iron Man 2's ass in every department.

I want to erase Iron Man 2 from my memory but I'm afraid it will be very difficult -- still having nightmares about Jar Jar Bings --

Thank you Iron Man 2 screenwriters, for ruining the Iron Man 1 experience for me. I wish I could sue you.

Why I still give it 5 stars? Because the actors tried. And because I smiled a few times. That's it. A DVD throwaway movie at most, it really wasn't worth my money.
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