Iron Man 2 (2010)
Masterfully Executed Sequel! Action AND Heart... A Perfect Mix
26 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, I'm one of the fortunate few who got to see this gem a bit early and I'm happy to report that they took what worked so well in Iron Man and ran with it in an extremely gratifying way. The complexity, depth, heart and action are even more off the charts than the first film. It's is not just a great comic book movie but a great movie period. They took the complexities of Tony Stark that they established in movie one and built upon it masterfully. Now we get a reformed and guilt ridden weapons manufacturer weaved with a celebrity who should have never let the cat out of the bag in the final moments of Iron Man 1. They promised to up the action from the first film and they certainly did but the storytelling never suffers for it. Like in 2008, the evolution and growth of the characters is of paramount importance. It has the same flavor and humor of the original and it may even focus more on the fabulous relationships already developed. I was stunned at how they managed to deliver a better film. I didn't think that was possible. Everyone came to play and this great cast brought their best stuff and it shows on screen. Everyone knew Downey, Paltrow and Cheadle could act but Bill O'Reilly and The CNN anchor? Yes, they show up and do a GREAT job in extended cameos. Rourke and Rockwell are PERFECT as the duel foils for Tony Stark, I mean PERFECT. From the Grand Prix in Monaco to the amazing finale, buckle up because this is one intense, interesting, intelligent and fun ride. My only real complaint is that Scarlett's Black Widow has too little screen time. Still, a film that leaves you clamoring for more isn't the worst sin in the world.

When I was done viewing this movie, all I could think about was how it instantly stacks up to the all-time great sequels. What was said about classics like Spider-Man 2, X2, Empire Strikes Back, TDK and even Godfather 2 holds true for Iron Man 2. I honestly can't wait to see it again.
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