Review of Tremors

Tremors (2003)
Graboids,Shriekers,Assblasters,and much more
25 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
i have see all four Tremors movies i loved them all.when the show premiered i loved it.Burt was back as his usual suspicious of the government self.i loved the fact that the episodes deal with more than El Blanco.they have a ghost in a cave, and a secret lab lets not forget Christopher Loydd as a crazy scientist with many secrets.i can't believe that they at Canceled it.i liked that they referenced the third movie when the ass blaster escaped.i love that the little moron Melvin never gets what he wants.who would have thought that a brine shrimp could grow that big and look that ugly.i give this show two big thumbs up.i hope it comes out on DVD soon.
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