Story steps behind stunning visuals, not necessarily to a bad point
30 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The most well known and iconographic of the Animatrix shorts is "The Final Flight of the Osiris", which is one-part back story to the Reloaded narrative and two-parts showcase to the CGI animation skills of its creators. Let's just face it and realize that the story itself takes significant second tier to the animated characters, which in some cases look so real it's almost disturbing (see the term: Uncanny Valley).

Whereas the beginning is somewhat gratuitous, it does help provide a relationship and thus caring for the characters in a relatively short amount of time, all while being titular to male viewers. I think "The Final Flight of the Osiris", ultimately, stands as a good example of the ways in which CGI can replace real actors and, if it ever becomes readily available and cheap, new forms of pornography (see the movie: Demonlover). In the meantime, it's a feast of color and movement that can at least be appreciated on an artistic level by all fans of animation, as well as Matrix acolytes.

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