Review of Red Heat

Red Heat (1988)
when walter hill was king of the action flicks
15 November 2007
top 80's buddy movie with arnie and belushi directored by the great walter hill who doesn't need more than 2hrs to tell a story.this is punchy and to the point. the action fast hard and real, like walters 48hrs.

it was arnies first movie out side of sci-fi / fantasy so playing Russian KGB was the obvious choose. belushi also had this first action flick and pulled of it well.

this is a true guys flick from the late 80's it was not a big hit in the cinemas but was huge on video made belushi a big video star. he did not have much success in cinema but in oz he ruled the video shelf in the late 80,s. and we all no what happened to arnie. as for walter hill he never had another hit after another 48hrs shame but he must of made a killing from producing those alien flicks.

it may not be the best buddy movie out there but not to be missed either.
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