Phil of the Future (2004–2006)
Phil of the Future = love
10 May 2007
I miss this show. To be honest, it was the last truly good, funny show on Disney Channel. The shows now are getting to be pathetic and unrealistic. No average teen girl leads a double life as a pop star and a normal eighth-grader where GASP! No one knows who she is! And no regular adolescent guy's dad goes to be the White House chef. They think these plot lines are realistic when they're not. Anyway, back to my point...

Phil of the Future didn't TRY to be realistic! The point was the fantasy in it. It was fun and humorous because we knew someone could never come from the future in reality, and we liked to imagine it happening. However, none of us were trying to dress like elementary school sluts and pretend that we could sing like a pop star because Hannah Montana made us think it was possible. That's what's happening to the "Disney Channel" age group right now. When shows like POTF and Lizzie McGuire on, we had both totally fantasy shows and shows about life.

I wish Disney Channel didn't change.
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