Incubus (2006)
Boring, Absurd and Senseless Crap
22 April 2007
After a car accident in the mountains of Montana, six friends – Jay-Jay (Tara Reid), her brother Josh (Russell Carter), Bug (Akemnji Ndifernyan), Holly (Alice O'Connell), Peter (Christian Brassington) and Karen (Monica Dean) – decide to find a shelter to protect themselves against the cold night. With the exception of Karen, the other five friends break in a facility using a rope through the skylight, but the rope breaks and they become trapped in the laboratory. They find two scientists dead and another completely insane, and they realize that the team of scientists was conducting experiments with a serial-killer in coma. When each youngster sleeps, the Sleeper (Mihai Stanescu) invades the dream turning his victim into a slayer. The survivors try to escape from the sleepwalkers and find an exit.

"Incubus" is awful and incoherent since the first dialogs. When the group of friends decides to walk trying to find a shelter, one of the girls says that she will stay because her shoes cost five hundred dollars. Then they decide to leave the winding road to walk through the woods in the night. Then they decide to trespass the gates of a facility because it is too cold outside. However, Jay-Jay takes her coat off as soon as she reaches the underground corridor. And the absurd situations go on associated to some of the most terrible lines ever. I do not know what is happening with Tara Reid, but since the last "American Pie" franchise, this former sexy and witty actress seems to be aged a lot, being completely unrecognizable. My vote is one.

Title (Brazil): "Pesadelos Mortais – Incubus" ("Deadly Nightmares – Incubus")
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