Review of Incubus

Incubus (2006)
One of the worst films I have ever seen.
3 April 2007
I could not even get through this film. It had to be turned off. I tried to give Tara the benefit of the doubt since I had recently watched Devil's Pond and found it mildly enjoyable but this is just the worst film I have tried to watch in a long time. The acting and dialog are beyond corny and laughable.It's B-grade in terms of premise and execution.The concept of the film is so far-fetched its hard to even get into,I will venture to say its impossible to get into. Also, who ever dressed Tara in that see-through top needs to be exiled from working in film. The movie description makes you think you will see a nice Nightmare on Elm Street homage or something along those lines but trust me, you wont. the only horror about this film is the fact you have to pay to watch it. -the positive ratings here are obviously done by someone associated with the film, check their comment histories-
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