Nothing But Pain
27 January 2007
Count me among those who thought this movie a complete disaster. I'll not summarize, as this has been done many times. I watched this movie on cable, waiting for it to pay off in some way. I mean, it HAD to get better - no one would intentionally make a movie this thoroughly unredeemable. In the end, I felt like I needed a long hot shower. It's been years, but it still hasn't washed off yet. The title has become a word used to mean "the very standard of badness" in any topic with friends familiar with the film.

An irony: This movie would fit right into a segment of Leonard Pinth Garnell's "Bad Cinema." Those familiar with SNL know of what I speak.

Some may very well like it. To them I say enjoy yourselves, but please do not actually recommend the film to anyone. You'll just cause further pain and lose considerable respect from your peers.
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