Innovative = Garbage
6 January 2007
Interesting how every comment to date (and not many at that) is ridiculously positive about this movie.

What is to like? Short answer: nothing at all. A bunch of web cams installed at a boring party would produce the same as this effort.

There is a LOT of drinking in this movie. Personally I don't drink and don't admire those that do. Alcohol is the stupid drug and this movie is proof.

The movie is unedited, people -- completely without editing. The Sundancers call this innovative. You decide.

I think editing is probably the most unappreciated aspect of a movie. We all know that we need a good story, good acting, good directing, good photography and music that compliments all of these. But without editing you still end up with a steaming pile of cow dung.

This one steams. Avoid if you can.
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