Dear Diary (1993)
Why I loved the third segment of Caro Diario
8 December 2006
Posters prefer, so it seems, the first two segments of Dear Diary. I thought that the last one, where NM is itching like crazy is absolutely brilliant and beyond brilliant. If you've been sick with god knows what, then you may well have had the same voyage as he.

No one has ever captured on film, to my knowledge, why and how doctors, famed and not famed, traditional and alternative, are so dammed frustrating when you have a problem that doesn't quit. I found myself relating totally to Moretti's utter frustration and since it ended without resolution re: his cancer, I can only assume he beat it.

Many times I or someone I love has this same tortuous struggle to find A SINGLE healer who really knows what gives. I found the cancer scenes very touching but it was the 8 months of itching and trying so many meds and accupuncture most true to our lousy medical situations. So many and none got it, until one did correctly diagnose him. I relate! And he's not Woody Allen, whose films I usually soak up, he's unique and brave and extremely intelligent. Thanks for listening.
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