Review of My Dog Shep

My Dog Shep (1946)
Corrections to plot of "My Dog Shep"
29 November 2006
I feel somewhat qualified to comment on this picture, as I played the role of "Danny". Maybe it's a little nit-picky, but the reviewer has the plot all fouled up.

The boy was just running away to save his dog but the old man was going to the "Old Soldiers Home" because his sons wife didn't like hearing his tales from the Spanish -American war.

The young girl who was kidnapped was the daughter of a local District Attorney who was prosecuting the bad guys' boss. After the dog captures the "Evil Doers" and frees the girl, the boy is turned over to courts because the uncle has found out that the boys parents had left a sizable amount of money in their estate and he reported him missing.

In the ensuing court scene, the old man makes an eloquent speech about whose rights were the important issue. The Judge tosses the uncle out. The boy and the old man are taken in "adoption" by the D.A. and his family.

I did not write this as a review of the picture, but only to clarify the plot. This picture was well accepted by the public at the time that it was released, but remember - that was 60 years ago.
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