Review of Flicka

Flicka (2006)
our children critiqued this movie for us
1 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Unfortunately, we did not read a review of Flicka before taking our three children. Our 13-year old son commented during the movie about the father/son shoving scene. Our 9-year old daughter told us how disappointed she was that the girl was rebellious with no consequences for that behavior (in fact, she is rewarded), and our 16-year old said it was too sappy for her taste. I liked the music, the scenery, and the horses. The acting was good too, but the theme is counter to what we think are important values: integrity, respect for one another, and healthy communication. We own a paint horse and it is no where as big as the one portrayed in this movie. Was "Flicka" in fact a mustang?
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