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10.5 (2004)
It made me sick.
29 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen twice this "thing", I can't find a way to describe it properly, and it's on air right now to say the truth. I've seen a lot of movies and TV movies with no right to exist, but this is the worst. The rehearsing is scarce (well, that's the Italian version, but I think it goes like the original one), the camera zooms made me queasy - and I'm not joking, my eyes went red and I had a headache! - and there's no way a collection of atomic bombs can stop and earthquake! I just would like to know why someone might think nukes are the solution to all problems: - my breakfast is cold... nuke it! - my grass isn't green like the neighbor's... nuke it! Now it even "glows" green in the night... - an earthquake will separate California from the USA... nuke it! - the *insert subject* is *insert quality*... *insert "nuke it!"*

The only difference here is that the bombing is useless...
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