crock and bullsh*t ego rub story.
27 April 2006
If you want a laugh I suggest you steer clear of this film. I can honestly say I almost left half way through because of boredom. It is not only an exercise in stroking the egos of the actors and the director but it is also trying to be far too clever which results in a film that doesn't engage the audience. Film within a film, in jokes blah blah blah. Everything that this film is trying to do was done much better and much funnier in 'extras' the Ricky Gervais sitcom. Considering I love so many of the faces in this film it hurts me to say that no one really stands outs or gives a good performance, Coogan is overblown, Bryden boring, Moran drunk? Fry under-used and Anderson out of place. All in all this is another British example of how not to make a film. The director of such beautiful films as 'Wonderland' and 'Welcome to Sarajevo' really needs to look long and hard at himself because he hasn't made a decent film in years and this does nothing to dispel that fact.
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