The Bogus Witch Project (2000 TV Movie)
warning do not rent
13 April 2006
Warning if you see this movie at the video store, keep walking don't pick it up. Its a waste your time reading the back of the box. The back wont tell you about the bad acting. How stupid the jokes are and how after watching you will want to kill someone or beat your TV. The movie did't make me laugh it just made me mad. Do not rent do not buy. You could not pay me to watch it again.

I did'even watch the whole movie before I was pulling out my hair just to make the pain stop. I want to meet the person who thought making this would be a good idea. He/She needs to be smacked this movie will cause people to go though I don't know how many fits of anger. AWFUL MOVIE I can't even Begin to tell you why, I can't really tell you why with out screaming and yelling and etc. I wanted to take it right back to the video store and pay them to burn the disc so no one Else would though what I went though. It burned my eyes and my brain. Make this pain stop. Just thinking about it hurts.
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