Very entertaining!!!
30 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Great movie! Yes, it's a knock-off of "Deliverance" (good movie also), but this movie is worth your while. It has hunting, a bunch of Southern stereotypes (...like Oklahoma, where these guys are supposed to be from, is so urbane!), Clu Gallagher, Billy Bob Thornton (watch for him falling out of the pickup truck--NOT SURE IF THAT'S A SPOILER OR NOT?), Sam Bottoms (of "The Outlaw Josey Wales" fame--my very favorite movie, by the way), plus Kim Delaney (pre-"NYPD Blue")! Oh, and Joey Travolta...Big John's brother! Can you ask for a better cast in a "B" movie? I especially like the early scenes before they actually get to the camp site. The bbq/bar scene is especially good--I love to quote that one!. But, who forgets "brew" on a hunting trip..?
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