The Bogus Witch Project (2000 TV Movie)
Just like it's title, it's bogus
30 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The Bogus Whitch Project is a prime example of pure Grade A trash. This film which has a number of short parodies of the movie The Blair Whitch Project is not funny. The films opening with someone running through the woods to be stopped by some bodyguard saying "You need a pass to enter" was a good start. Right when the first parody started, the film reached a new low. I turned the film off right in between the second parody. Now between parodies is the same guy running through the woods and a few fake t.v show placements like zombie chefs and other crap that is not funny and never will be. Then there's Pauly Shore, ha you pathetic fool. Skip this film, it will rot your brain and make you dumber. Good thing I didn't watch it all, Bogus Witch project gets a 1. To horrible for words, just horrible. Not recommended at all!
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