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Tremors (2003)
8 January 2004
Following on from the first three films in the 'Tremors' line, the TV series is very much a similar setup: nasty beasties, robust townsfolk and plenty of silly comedy. I've been a fan of 'Tremors' since I caught the original film on TV one night back in the 90s.

The positive side is that several of the original locals are still around. Burt is paranoid, survivalist and a source of humour as always. Nancy remains in town, although her daughter has gone off to college. Jodi runs the shop that her father had before her.

Of course, there's a negative side: Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon (Earl and Valentine, respectively) are no longer around. There are also new faces, most of which unfortunately cater more to the desperate 'political correctness' of television than to the series: an hispanic lady, a native american who works on her farm, the 'hunky' male interest and, of course, the visiting female scientist.

Thankfully, after a few episodes, the actors (who I had never seen before, personally) all settle in nicely and bring their characters to life. Add to this frequent cameos by the truly fabulous Christopher Lloyd as the hermit ex-governmental mad scientist - who also provides the expanding storyline - and it's a formula for light, easy entertainment.

Recommended viewing, but don't expect deep, meaningful television.
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