MY DINNER W/ ANDRE on steroids
2 March 2003
The concept is simple: 20 or so people, 20 or so cameras, the whole thing shot live and the throughline being the downfall of a big kahuna whose great success every celebrates at a dinner party. A little ALTMAN, a little TIME-CODE, for sure, but this piece has its own identity because it's so tight. Every single character seems to be the star of his/her own story. Nearly everyone is interesting in some way. But, because you know that the John Ritter's character is about to crash and burn, he's the one you look out for the most.

There's something about unscripted humor that's borne of a situation. It hardly ever happens in movies, but this one has loads of it. Some comes from editing, the balance comes from the actors, whose roles seem almost improv.

There are a few soft moments. The tension lags and some storylines get in the way of the better ones. But, perhaps the most interesting part is that this could be a prototype of a new genre, a post-modern New Wave in this "reality-driven" age (of TV, at least).

All in all, an incisive, hip effort. It'll be great to see if it get some proper theatrical play.
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