Rove Live (2000–2009)
lost its flair
7 May 2003
Being Australian, I love the humor of rove live. However, I think that the show which was once so unique and individual has now become merely a late-night chat show with some famous and some not so famous guests. Sure, what the....used to make me laugh so much but i find that the first interview @ the desk always goes for like 20 minutes and therefore i have to watch heaps longer to find the fun part. However, the highlight of the whole ENTIRE show for me would have to be Rove's monologue right @ the beginning. i laugh myself to death every week because its so funny!! even if you don't like rove or the show itself, at least treat yourself to 5 minutes of hold-your-sides humor once a week. Rove Live......9:30-9:40. funniest thing you'll see all week!
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