The Bogus Witch Project (2000 TV Movie)
Pauly Shore...what's happened to you?
9 November 2001
...I never thought "Son in Law" or "In the Army Now" were classics, but they were disposably amusing trash. This however, is just plain trash. Actually, I shouldn't be hard on Pauly, as he's only in this one for about 10 minutes. As you've probably already read, "The Bogus Witch Project" is not a movie, but instead a collection of skits. And out of the 10 or so bits, 0 are funny. I repeat, 0!!! I feel stupider for having seen this movie, and an hour and a half of my life is forever wasted. I honestly cannot comprehend anyone deriving enjoyment out of this movie. Run quickly from this one, and don't look back.
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