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Poll: What's the First Thing You Would Do as a Survivor Castaway?

The twenty-ninth season of Survivor began just a few weeks ago. If you were a castaway, how would you begin your stay on the island?

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    Survivor (2000)

    Keep a close eye on your tribemates.
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    Brad Virata and J.P. Calderon in Survivor (2000)

    Find food.
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    Jeff Probst in Survivor (2000)

    Kiss Jeff Probst.
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    Leif Manson and Jonas Otsuji in Survivor (2000)

    Build shelter.
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    Survivor (2000)

    Build a fire.
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    Survivor (2000)

    Take in the scenery.
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    Yung Woo Hwang and Tony Vlachos in Survivor (2000)

    Form an alliance.
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    Survivor (2000)

    Get to know the wildlife.
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    Malcolm Freberg in Survivor (2000)

    Ponder strategy.
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    Abi-Maria Gomes and Roberta Saint-Amour in Survivor (2000)

    Build your strength by eating.
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    Eliza Orlins in Survivor (2000)

    Look for the hidden immunity idol.
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    Benjamin Wade in Survivor (2000)

    Thank your higher power that you're there.
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    Benjamin Wade in Survivor (2000)

    Beg your higher power to get you out of there, away from all these people talking about "challenges" and "blindsides," and back home to all of your creature comforts.

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