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Poll: My Favorite PM Entertainment Star

Of these performers who have appeared prominently in at least three productions of the now-defunct PM Entertainment Group, who is your personal favorite?

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    Joe Michael Burke

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    Gary Daniels

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    Michael DeLano

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    Angie Everhart

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    Stacie Foster

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    Stephen Furst

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    Wings Hauser

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    Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs

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    C. Thomas Howell

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    Sam J. Jones

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    Kathleen Kinmont

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    Lorenzo Lamas

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    Wolf Larson

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    Steven Vincent Leigh

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    Traci Lords

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    Kirsten Maryott

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    Vince Murdocco

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    Caryn Richman

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    Ted Jan Roberts

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    Jack Scalia

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    Anna Nicole Smith

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    William Smith

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    Renee Tenison

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    Kenneth Tigar

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    Joey Travolta

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    Steven Williams

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    Don Wilson

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    Michael Worth

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    Ron Yuan

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