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Poll: Favorite Rock or Pop Artist from the 1980s

Those of us now in our late 30s or 40s grew up in this decade--and the music changed a lot from the 70s. This is a list of artists that defined the 80s distinctly from the "classic rock" era before. Which one do you like best? Discuss here

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    Pat Benatar

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    Bon Jovi

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    The Cars

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    Phil Collins

    His band Genesis was a somewhat obscure progressive rock act of the 70s, that evolved their sound significantly in the 80s to suit more commercial tastes of the time--and then Collins went solo, and arguably further in a commercial direction. A big artist of the 80s. A vote for him could also be a vote for 80s Genesis. See also Peter Gabriel (a former bandmate from Genesis) below.
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    The Cure

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    Depeche Mode

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    Dire Straits

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    Duran Duran

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    Peter Gabriel

    Was also a former member of the 70s progressive rock group Genesis, but split from them in the late 1970s, leaving Phil Collins (see above) to lead the band in a more commercial direction in the 80s. His sound evolved in a different direction, but his album So in the mid-80s had a more conventional 80s sound and was a big hit.
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    The Go-Go's

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    Billy Idol

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    Michael Jackson

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    Janet Jackson

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    Joan Jett

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    Huey Lewis

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    John Mellencamp

    Or John Cougar (or John Cougar Mellencamp) as he was known then
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    Robert Palmer

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    Tom Petty

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    The Police

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    The Pretenders

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    Simple Minds

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    The Smiths

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    Bruce Springsteen

    Was also on the "classic rock" list/poll, but the 80s were probably his biggest decade due to Born in the USA
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    Talking Heads

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    Tears for Fears

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    Tina Turner

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    Van Halen

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