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Poll: Death of a Clown

Which comedic actor's untimely passing did you find most upsetting?

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    John Belushi

    Belushi died on March 5, 1982 in Hollywood, California after overdosing on a mixture of cocaine and heroin (a 'speedball') at the age of 33.
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    John Candy

    On March 4, 1994, while filming the Western parody Wagons East!, Candy died of a heart attack in his sleep in Durango, Mexico, at the age of 43.
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    Chris Farley

    On December 18, 1997, similar to his idol, John Belushi, Farley died of a speedball overdose at the age of 33.
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    Phil Hartman

    On May 28, 1998, Hartman's wife Brynn shot and killed him while he slept in their Encino, Los Angeles, home, then committed suicide several hours later. Hartman was 49.
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    Andy Kaufman

    Kaufman died at the age of 35 in a hospital in West Hollywood on May 16, 1984, of kidney failure, caused by metastasized large-cell lung carcinoma.
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    Sam Kinison

    Kinison died at the age of 39 in a car accident on April 10, 1992.
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    Bernie Mac

    Mac died at the ago of 50 on August 9, 2008 due to complications from pneumonia.
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    Patrice O'Neal

    O'Neal died at the age of 41 on November 29, 2011, due to complications from a stroke.
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    Gilda Radner

    Radner died from ovarian cancer on May 20, 1989 at the age of 42.
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    John Ritter

    Ritter died of an aortic dissection on September 11, 2003 at the age of 54.
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    Robin Williams

    Williams committed suicide on August 11, 2014 after finding out that he was in the early stages of Parkinson's disease. (Added on August 16, 2014.)

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