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Poll: Previously on "Homeland"

Which has been your preferred season so far of Homeland (2011)?

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    Damian Lewis in Homeland (2011)

    Season One

    Carrie Mathison comes to suspect newly returned prisoner of war Nicholas Brody of malicious intent.

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    Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin in Homeland (2011)

    Season Two

    Brody, now a Congressman, becomes a double agent as Carrie and the CIA close in on Abu Nazir.

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    Damian Lewis in Homeland (2011)

    Season Three

    A terrorist attack on the CIA is linked to Iran. Brody hides out in Caracas until Saul offers him a mission.

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    Claire Danes in Homeland (2011)

    Season Four

    Stationed in Pakistan, Carrie makes contact with a survivor of a deadly drone attack and discovers the terrorist Haqqani alive and active.

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    Claire Danes in Homeland (2011)

    Season Five

    Carrie, now a private security chief in Berlin, is drawn into a whistleblower case as her own safety comes under threat.

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    Claire Danes and F. Murray Abraham in Homeland (2011)

    Season Six (added 6 May 2017)

    In New York City, Carrie becomes involved in an apparent terrorist plot and a conspiracy against the newly elected president.

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    Elizabeth Marvel in Homeland (2011)

    Season Seven (added 30 April 2018)

    Internal strife is at a high as President Keane hits back at her opponents, but it becomes clear that the country is under attack by Russian operatives.

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