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Poll: Take my wife, please!

In honor of Sid Caesar, which of these comedians who got their start on the Borscht Belt had the best schtick, in your opinion?

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    Bea Arthur

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    Richard Belzer

  3. Vote!

    Jack Benny

  4. Vote!

    Milton Berle

  5. Vote!

    Joey Bishop

  6. Vote!

    Fanny Brice

  7. Vote!

    Mel Brooks

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    Lenny Bruce

  9. Vote!

    George Burns

    and Gracie Allen
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    Red Buttons

  11. Vote!

    Sid Caesar

  12. Vote!

    Billy Crystal

  13. Vote!

    Rodney Dangerfield

  14. Vote!

    Phyllis Diller

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    Estelle Getty

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    Shecky Greene

  17. Vote!

    Buddy Hackett

  18. Vote!

    Danny Kaye

  19. Vote!

    Harvey Korman

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    Jerry Lewis

  21. Vote!

    Richard Lewis

  22. Vote!

    Jackie Mason

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    Zero Mostel

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    Carl Reiner

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    Don Rickles

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    The Ritz Brothers

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    Joan Rivers

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    Mort Sahl

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    Soupy Sales

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    Allan Sherman

  31. Vote!

    Phil Silvers

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    Jerry Stiller

  33. Vote!

    Larry Storch

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    Jonathan Winters

  35. Vote!

    Henny Youngman

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