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Poll: The Grand Budapest All-Star-Cast

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) didn't bag a single acting nomination at the Oscars, but it still attracted wide interest with its impressive all star cast. Which of the stars cast in the film is your favourite?

Note: It's not about the best performance in the film, merely about your favourite star among the glittering "all-star-cast". Tony Revolori is not included, because he was not a star when cast! However, if they make a sequel, he will be eligible! ;-)

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    Ralph Fiennes

    nominated for 2 Oscars
  2. Vote!

    F. Murray Abraham

    won 1 Oscar
  3. Vote!

    Mathieu Amalric

  4. Vote!

    Adrien Brody

    won 1 Oscar
  5. Vote!

    Willem Dafoe

    nominated for 2 Oscars
  6. Vote!

    Jeff Goldblum

    nominated for 1 Oscar
  7. Vote!

    Harvey Keitel

    nominated for 1 Oscar
  8. Vote!

    Jude Law

    nominated for 2 Oscars
  9. Vote!

    Bill Murray

    nominated for 1 Oscar
  10. Vote!

    Edward Norton

    nominated for 3 Oscars
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    Saoirse Ronan

    nominated for 1 Oscar
  12. Vote!

    Jason Schwartzman

  13. Vote!

    Léa Seydoux

  14. Vote!

    Tilda Swinton

    won 1 Oscar
  15. Vote!

    Tom Wilkinson

    nominated for 2 Oscars
  16. Vote!

    Owen Wilson

    Nominated for 1 Oscar

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