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Poll: Spaghetti Westerns of the '70s

The best and most popular Spaghetti Westerns, like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966), The Great Silence (1968), Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) and Django (1966), were made in the '60s. But what is the best Spaghetti Western of the '70s?

From these Italian Westerns of the '70s, with at least 1.000 votes, which one is the best?

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    Companeros (1970)

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    Adiós, Sabata (1970)

    Adiós, Sabata
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    They Call Me Trinity (1970)

    They Call Me Trinity
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    Duck, You Sucker (1971)

    A Fistful of Dynamite
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    Trinity Is Still My Name (1971)

    Trinity Is STILL My Name!
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    Return of Sabata (1971)

    Return of Sabata
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    Red Sun (1971)

    Red Sun
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    A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (1972)

    A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die
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    Man of the East (1972)

    A Man from the East
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    The Grand Duel (1972)

    The Grand Duel
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    Chino (1973)

    Chino / The Wild Horses
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    My Name Is Nobody (1973)

    My Name Is Nobody
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    A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe (1975)

    Trinity Is Back Again
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    The Four of the Apocalypse... (1975)

    Four Gunmen of the Apocalypse
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    Keoma (1976)

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    A Man Called Blade (1977)

    A Man Called Blade

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