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Poll: Favorite Pranksters

In celebration of April 1st, which of these personalities is your favorite prankster?

This list should be folks that have a solid track record of practical jokes/pranks, not just a 'one-off'.

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Includes programs/films such as Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010), National Lampoon's Animal House (1978), The Office (2005), Jackass (2000), Candid Camera (1960)

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    John Belushi

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    Jeff Daniels

  4. Vote!

    John Krasinski

    The Office
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    Johnny Knoxville

  6. Vote!

    Mike Bonanno

    (for all members of Yes Men series)
  7. Vote!

    Adam Carolla

    (for all members of Crank Yankers (2002))
  8. Vote!

    Sacha Baron Cohen

  9. Vote!

    Allen Funt

  10. Vote!

    Ashton Kutcher

    for Punkd.
  11. Vote!

    Peter O'Toole

  12. Vote!

    Mel Gibson

  13. Vote!

    George Clooney

  14. Vote!

    Betty White

    for Off Their Rockers...
  15. Vote!

    Andy Kaufman

  16. Vote!

    Tom Green

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