The Speed of Thought and the Powers of the Mind: A Movie Review

Director/writer: Evan Oppenheimer.

Maya Entertainment has released The Speed of Thought on to DVD April 12th. The film stars Nick Stahl (Mirrors 2), Mia Maestro (Cutthroat), Taryn Manning (The Devil's Tomb) and Wallace Shawn, in a fictional world set in telepathy. The film has some similarities to Christopher Nolan's Inception (2010). The conscious and unconscious parts of the mind are used for governmental espionage, with Joshua Lazarus (Stahl) attempting to uncover the source of a fictional ailment, called Wittman's disease. The result is a thrilling and imaginitive ninety minutes.

Much of the film takes place in a consciously constructed world of the mind. Here, scopers, or those with telepathy, communicate with others like themselves. The fantasy constructs are much like the ones created in Inception, with less attention spent on the grand scale of this earlier production. Instead, dreamscapes are created. Later, the protagonist Lazarus merges with a new mysterious scoper,
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