Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume Xx DVD Review

For the fans of the Satellite of Love and Mystery Science Theater 3000, there is Joel and there is Mike. Most old timers prefer Joel and he’s the sleepier, less sarcastic commentarian, but it’s always a question for fans: who do prefer? Most sets have had a mixture of the two hosts, with some even delving into the Sci-Fi episodes that replaced Dr. Clayton Forrester (Trace Beaulieu) with his mother (Mary Jo Pehl), which are often consider the least of the run (though every season has its highs and lows). The most recent set is all Joel, and features both Master Ninja episodes – classics of their kind. But it also contains one episode from season one that has J. Elvis Weinstein portraying as Tom Servo instead of Kevin Murphy. The best of MST3K is not always the first. For Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume 20, the episodes are Project Moonbase
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