Doctor Who complete reviews: Timelash

One of the great things about Doctor Who is that it always champions the underdog. The evil tyrants are never allowed to win the day (except on rare occasions) and so it's left to the Cordos, Vishinskys and Jagos to stroll off into the sunset with their heads held high.

Doctor Who even has its very own group of underdog stories – some of these fall into the underrated but brilliant strand like The Ambassadors Of Death, Image Of The Fendahl or Frontios. Then there are the tales that used to be slated but are getting reappraised by fans like The Horns Of Nimon or The Gunfighters. And then there are the tales that are seemingly beyond redemption like The Twin Dilemma, Time And The Rani and Timelash.

Ah, Timelash. Nobody seems to like it. Some clever soul found that if you rearrange the letters, they make up Lame Shit, which
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