Peter Weir Defends Mel Gibson On George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

Luckily, I get to catch a lot of Canadian television. Seriously. One of the cooler things I get to partake of is George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. Just think "Strombo" if you aren't already familiar with the show. A "new" approach to late night, the show is more fun than the alternatives (imho), and goes a lot of places the U.S. counterparts don't. Also, cool Canadian commercials.

For the moment, I just want to give you a quick preview of tonight's show, wherein George interviews Director Peter Weir, who, in a sort of general sense, defends Mel Gibson. With one of the biggest controversies in recent memory fueling the fires against him, you don't often get to hear, "X defends Mel Gibson," so I thought it was worth a mention.

Check out a clip below, and find a way to check out this show. The episode are available internationally online a few days after air.
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