'The Good Wife': Leelee Sobieski is awesome, Cary is sneaky and Owen is back

On the first "Good Wife" episode back from hiatus, Cary is the sneakiest sneak who ever sneaked (snuck?) and we love it. Also -- we knew Leelee Sobieski rocked and this just reaffirms it.

Case of the Week

Jonathan Murphy, son of a big client in the Murphy-Gomez case, got picked up for prescription stimulants. And so did his girlfriend of six months, Alexis, who can't afford a lawyer. Cary is the Asa assigned to it and he needs an ID of the drug dealer (who killed a pharmacist and is a lieutenant of recurring drug kingpin Lamont Bishop) and he'll cut a deal.

But it turns out there's no dealer, it's all a ploy to get Jonathan and Alexis to talk because they're actually the suspects in the pharmacist's murder. That sneaky Cary and the Da's office.

Speaking of sneaky Cary, the couple ID'd one of Lamont's crew ... who is already dead.
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