Kaleidoscope 2010: Important Events in Entertainment (Part 1/4)

Another year is soon to unfold, but 2010 is not without its memory. In the entertainment world, anything can happen, from a young singer who beat the odds to a man not grateful enough to own an Oscar winning wife to a blue world that awes almost half of the planet.

AceShowbiz is back with its annual Kaleidoscope, presenting a list of important events that took place within this year. Divided into quarters, the 2010 Kaleidoscope would be published one by one in the next three days. The first quarter below kicks off the list which also gives highlight to one particular event each month.


Taylor Swift closed the 2010 Grammy Awards on January 31 by making a historical win. Despite her off-key performance, the then 19-year-old country music singer grabbed Album of the Year, thanks to the 2009 best-selling record "Fearless" which she released in late 2008. She won over such seniors as Beyonce Knowles,
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