Greenland Trailer: It’s Gerard Butler vs a Comet

Greenland Trailer: It’s Gerard Butler vs a Comet
Are you reading this part? In all fairness, you probably don’t need to: there’s a disaster film called Greenland coming out. It stars Gerard Butler. It’s been ushered on to the screen by Angel Has Fallen director Ric Roman Waugh, and in it, a massive comet has hit the Earth’s atmosphere, leading to “an extinction level event.” It was due out on June 12, but given the current situation, it’ll either be pushed back or go straight to streaming. That’s enough info, right?

Wrong. Because you’re at Den of Geek, so here comes the trivia, baby! Hey, is it …is it too soon for us to be calling each other ‘baby’? It just feels right, idk, we’ve been watching these Gerard Butler movies together for so long. What are we?

Ahem, yes. Back in 2018, this film was originally a Neill Blomkamp joint, and
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