‘DC’s Crimes of Passion: 80 Page Giant’ Review

  • Nerdly
Written by Various | Art by Various | Published by DC Comics

When you have read as many comics down the years as me, literally in the tens of thousands, you’ve pretty much seen it all. Quirky indie books? Check. Blockbuster multi-title crossovers? Check. Inter-company books? Check. Monthly books published on time? Che….er, well I’ve nearly seen it all. Point is, when you see something a little different it does tend to catch your eye. DC’s Crimes of Passion, echoing those old lurid EC Comics books, certainly caught my eye. Essentially, it’s DC’s attempt at a Valentine’s Day Special, and why not. Actually, it is ten attempts at telling a decent Valentine’s Day story, as there are ten short stories in total, all with different characters and creative teams. Will we get lucky this Valentine’s? Let’s take a look.

Obviously 80 pages and
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