Sundance Review: Bad Hair is a Horror Comedy Full of Ideas and Missed Opportunities

In the six years since first hitting Park City, Justin Simien has had a modest, successful career. His debut feature, Dear White People, swiftly got picked up and hit American theaters in the fall of 2014 to more than quintuple its budget. It was messy, sure, but it had a lot of its mind and energy to spare. In fact, it had so much that it was able to spawn an adaptation in the form of a Netflix series, and as that heads into its fourth and final season, it would appear that Simien is looking ahead while also dipping into the past.

Such brings us to Bad Hair, a horror-comedy that aims to continue his quick dialogue and world-building that blurs the line between the fictional and the all-too-real. Meet Anna (newcomer Elle Lorraine), a young woman making her way in the TV industry. The production design from Scott Kuzio
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