‘Last Man Standing': Mike Tells Vanessa She Snores, Vanessa Has a Very Unreasonable Reaction (Exclusive Video)

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Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) has a problem on Thursday’s “Last Man Standing” — what else is new, right? — one that he can’t sleep on any longer: Vanessa (Nancy Travis) has started snoring and he is incapable of suffering through it. Of course, he does his best to present this issue to his dear wife in the most loving way possible, but she still doesn’t take the news so well.

In TheWrap’s exclusive clip from tomorrow’s episode, Mike comes home after a “taxing” day at work and slowly tries to broach the topic gently by saying, “You’re beautiful, funny and so understanding,” to which she goes, “Mike?”

Fine. “You snore!” he shouts.

“I mean with an extraordinary amount of gusto, I might add.”

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Yeah, no Vanessa doesn’t buy it and now she’s
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