Zack Snyder Shares Photo Of The Atom In Justice League Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder has an apparently inexhaustible collection of Justice League concept art and behind-the-scenes photos that he’s been posting online since the film’s release. Fans are always appreciative of this, and showing us what we missed out on with the butchered theatrical cut has kept the Snyder Cut dream alive. And now, he’s given us a look at his take on Ryan Choi/the Atom.

We’ve known for a while that Snyder had plans to introduce the Atom to the Dceu. He was intending to have the Ryan Choi character as the “Director of Nanotechnology” at S.T.A.R. Labs, seeing him take up the superhero mantle in one of the Justice League sequels. The actor here is Ryan Zheng, who seems to primarily appear in Chinese movies and TV shows under the name Kai Zheng. Given that he doesn’t look to have done
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