Dear David S. Goyer Where Is The Hellraiser Script ?

Storytelling is a very compelling art form. The way a story is told on screen is called a screenplay, and one man has had much success with his screenplay’s. David S. Goyer has had much success in Hollywood and is a go too for a blockbuster. Goyer had much success with the Dark Knight films alongside Christopher Nolan. His latest film to hit theaters was Terminator: Dark Fate which was released last year to mixed reviews. Goyer has become Hollywood’s golden boy With the downfall of Miramax, a lot of movie properties were up for sale. The Hellraiser franchise was one of these properties. Hellraiser was first released in 1987 and was penned and directed by legendary storyteller Clive Barker. The Hellraiser franchise has seen its share of ups, but mostly downs. The last film in the franchise and under the banner of Dimension films (Miramax) was Hellraiser Judgement
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